Friday, March 20, 2009

island in the sun

Hello from the beautiful island of Abaco in the Bahamas. Not too easy to get internet access, good food, or any other luxuries we enjoy in the USA. However, the water, sun, and sand are exquisite and worth every day of sacrifice. Just to give you a little visual...

These were not the sunniest days :(

I have felt remiss in my posting. I actually miss the connection I think I am having with the WWW, reporting on my random-ness, discovering if anyone new has found my blog yet, if anyone who is following has any good feedback, etc.

During all these days of quiet, sun, and relaxation, I have been pondering the life and times of three.home. I have missed my little world of beautiful things, and I do mean little. All of about 900 square feet layered with home accessories of all kinds.

I think about all the buying trips I have been on, what I have seen, and all the inspiration. I miss the stories that occur and then later come to mind when I find treasures for the shop. The most adored elements of owning my own shop are the buying, the placing, arranging, merchandising, displaying, staging and so on. All the same. My connection is tactile, the touch and the visual.

I love the hunt, whether it is antique shows, estate sales, people offering something they want to sell, gift shows, or other misc sales - I love it all.

And then there is the next step. Where in the shop to put each piece I find, what things should be together, on what shelf or piece of furniture, high, low, with similar objects, with pieces of similar color. My mind wonders at times about the most unexpected place for a treasure to be, and then I can't wait to try it.
I will be back to regular posting next week and looking forward to it.
Hi Anne, we all miss you if you are following this week...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


RANDOM-NESS: Target has the best plain popcorn EVER!

Yoga, something I have always thought would be a good thing to do when I got older and couldn't run and really needed to stretch and strengthen my muscles softly. Well, here I am, older and can't run.

Now having gone to yoga with my daughter and her friends a couple of times, I will say, it is not as intimidating at 44 yrs as it was when I was twenty something and early 30's; walking into a room filled with women and men scantily dressed, and in mostly great shape. So when my little, hard-body, with a cute butt, daughter goes right up to the front line in the middle of the room and rolls out her mat, I am OK with it.

I am surprisingly more flexible than I thought I would be. And I can balance in the 'eagle' position fairly well. Of course there is another side to this accomplishment of being somewhat limber. I expect to do the 1/2 pigeon position.

No coincidence this photo could pass as me, HA but no, because I couldn't get into this position, let alone get out of it and switch! Looks easy enough.

Staying focused, what I wanted to mention was how great my last visit to CLEVELAND YOGA was and why. It wasn't the physical challenges or benefits I experienced during or after the workout. It wasn't the relaxation, it was this one instructor, I think her name was Candy. Her role that day was to go around the very crowded room and adjust us as needed, while Tammy was leading the class. As I was ever so busy trying to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing, trying to relax, empty my mind, not sweat my brains out (it is the HOT yoga class), all of the sudden, but delicately, I feel these incredibly gentle fingers, then palms very very slightly moving my hips to center and pushing down. I am not talking about a touch that was sexy, intimate, intrusive, or inappropriate. NONE of those. Her touch was like a feather dropping down from somewhere and landing on my back. Its not like I got some magic power from her and could suddenly 'do' the 1/2 pigeon like a yoga instructor - I still couldn't. But I think I felt some subtle energy passing from her hands to my back. It wasn't like a big, loud, sparkly something. It was more like telepathic, but through touch. If I hadn't been trying so hard to get my F*%#-ing leg up where it needed to be I might have missed the whole experience. T I imagine the ancient Chinese may have had moments like this one from practicing yoga millions of years ago.

I can't promise this will happen if you go to a class there, but I was not a believer in the whole relaxation, clearing of mind, breathing deep concept. As I mentioned I have always big into cardio exercising and the endorphin rush, big time. I couldn't understand how yoga could replace that feeling. I have to say that I did infact relax completely, and I didn't think of any other part of my life during the hour class, felt the mind out of body thing, it was cool. I will continue my journey with yoga.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

trivia 101

This evening I have a trivia question for anyone who is reading...
what do the following things have in common:

low voltage light bulbs- packaging and all
rit dye in powder form
night-mouth guard (actually 2 to date)
some intimate part of womens undies-can't mention on the web
corners of toss pillows
sofa cushion-just one cushion

an entire roll of t.p.
and the cord to an iron

I will give you a hint...


c) all of the above

Oh if they weren't so cute, and I wasn't such a push over.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I have to share some personal stuff, at the risk of bigger and dirtier looks from my kids. They were both dressed up and expressing their own personal styles. Pia made her dress, very cool, she looked beautiful - all the girls looked fantastic. Wyatt had a yellow belt to pick up the yellow in his shoes. I can't imagine where my children got all this creativity and desire to be individuals...I am so proud.

Pia had 9 kids for dinner before the Spring dance and Wyatt had 2 buddies before a Bar Mitzvah.

Lindsey, Pia, Eve, Sonia

Will, Alex, Wyatt Wyatt, Pia

Spen, Sammi, Sonia, Eve, Lindsey, Pia, John, Tom, Oliver, Baui
This counts for one of the great things about parenting!