Sunday, November 14, 2010

-A lot of seemingly inconsequential random moments all adding up.

You know the ‘what a small world’ comment that generally morphs into a conversation about the 6 degrees of separation?

Well I think mine is pretty nifty! Considering the definition of being 6 steps away from a connection to another person and this tale stretches from Cleveland to Portland, Oregon, I think it qualifies for the ‘pretty nifty’ category.

A woman from Portland Oregon called the shop the other day and asked for me by name. She introduced herself as the manager of the wholesale division from Queen Bee Creations. I do, from time to time, get cold calls soliciting merchandise or services mostly from larger companies taking random shots on three.home being their next big account. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be one of those calls or not. Also, I get the people who wander in off the street, artisans of some sort connecting my aesthetic in the shop with their particular art. It turns out this was no ordinary, random sales call.

The inconsequential random moments that added up to make this experience ‘small world’ are as follows;

The first is the phone call itself. (you will understand better in a minute).

Secondly, the bit about the person that called me, Abby. Her actually making the call instead of disregarding the comment “our products and your shop would be a good fit” (keep reading).

Third bit (or maybe I should be labeling these ‘bits’ as ‘degrees’?), contrary to her official role in this company, she happened to spend this particular day in the shop selling retail to the end user, which apparently she does from time to time as a fill in.

The next bit, the shopper, whose name I don’t know, who happened to be visiting Portland from Cleveland. What’s more, her wandering in to the Queen Bee Studio/Store and sharing her thoughts (& where she is from), about the fit she sees between Queen Bee Creations and three.home.


Not to go unmentioned, the location of this studio is in a newly developed part of Portland, outside of the bustling, metropolis down town area. And although this new neighborhood with many like- minded shop/business owners, has been developed through the city commission, it is still off the beaten track a bit, as I understand. It is not like this area is a must see when visiting Portland.

The final bit, where everything comes together, the full circle. This whole experience became a ‘small world’ experience for me because of a chance meeting, a warm and inviting environment, a mindful moment, and a follow through by all participants.

In my attempt to relate my blog postings to three.home, or interiors In some way was a challenge and actually delayed this post. But alas, I have the connection.

It is, of course, the connection, the small world experience is exactly what I want to create, offer, share as three.home evolves into its new identity in our new location-576 Industrial Parkway, (still in) Chagrin Falls, and (behind Hunan on E Washington) just a bit past the center of the Village.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New post, hopefully one of many to come…

I have been hearing this song, and it is relatively new, by Eminem, featuring Rihanna. You may have heard this song, or Eminem. (If you have teenagers around the house, then you probably have heard his music, or at least heard of him). He is a rapper and in my opinion (albeit not very informed) one of the most authentic to his genre of music. And therefore the song is 'explicit'. This is the tag given to specific songs on itunes. His vocals and lyrics are harsh, rough and crude.

Rihanna, who is considered ‘pop’ in the music world, has this incredibly beautiful voice. It is soft and strong, sexy, well defined and nothing like the raw sound of Eminem. This song 'love the way you lie', (even the title implies a certain uncensored thought), has a complexity to it that I don’t hear in too many songs. Their 2 contrasting sounds somehow meld together in a way, not unlike voices in harmony do. Though this sound is not as much about symmetry as it is about synergy.

Hearing the hostility in Eminem’s voice and lyrics, brings up a certain negative feeling, I almost don’t hear the words of the song. Then Rihanna takes over with her chorus and the sounds are rhythmic, elegant, passionate, and I realize that the song about a love-story.

The result from this contrast between their voices, and the synergy that is created from the inconsistency of styles can sometimes be known as juxtapose.

How this relates to interior design and my world of three.home is swirling around in the juxtaposing of elements. Be it voices, vases, spaces or styles. Simply put, the more committed to any one style (of anything), the more likely to recognize and appreciate another style; with in a close proximity.

For example; a room with dark colors on the walls and fewer windows, small, may feel cozy, safe and quiet if the next room over is bright and spacious. Compare that with a house that has many rooms the same size, has little or no trees around and is therefore bright feeling throughout. The walls in all the rooms are painted some variation of beige, and the ceiling height is consistent all over. It would be challenging to remember specific qualities of each room, moreover, experience each room differently.

Similar to the sounds of two artists singing together within one song, who alone might not be appealing, popular, even acceptable, but together, or in close proximity to one another and abstract in their style, present a completely different result.

This theory speaks to having rooms in your home that all feel distinct from one another. This doesn’t mean that your home shouldn’t flow from room to room. This means that each room in your home being different offers a dichotomy of feeling, purpose, sensation, and awareness.

How committed or defined one element is, makes for a more clear appreciation of the whole. Eminem’s voice and style is very well defined in the world of rappers. So when I hear Rihanna’s voice with his, the contrast is unmistakable.

The attainability of this juxtapose is where the challenge is. And I suppose I it was a challenge to find a song of Eminem’s appealing.

To summarize, I would say that to be committed to something, to be strong in your style, clear and defined will, in the end take you to the places you are supposed to be.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The most important thing I have to say today is that SUSAN Saltzman of STONZ is so freaking AMAZING!!!! She is talented beyond belief...check out her blog, or website, or ETSY site, or twitter thing or whatever. If you just say her name or business out loud you will get a sign from the heavens above and you will see what I am taking about.
WOW-Susan-you are just incredible

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remembering the last time I went on and on about something that I thought was the end all, and then luckily recognizing how easy it could have been to sound ridiculous and over dramatic. We have all heard or overheard someone like this, right? I was able to mix in a llittle reality, and thought about the last time I was on the receiving end of someone's hyper-magnified and subjective perception of a topic. Anyway...

This topic came to mind b/c I start to get excited about all the new stuff I have at the shop, like the recycled and up-cycled shirts, skirts and scarves, and before I know it, I am in the middle of this spewing fest. So ever so calmly, but with lots of passion and excitement three.home is launching a few really crazy cool lines of clothing, easy to wear, and NOTHING you have ever seen before.

and of course....
ANTSY PANTSY-hand dyed vintage slips
and some of the local jewelers threehome is hosting; BLAKEMOR and STONZ

stop in sometime and check out these treasures and many more!

it almost feels like spring; everything is moving, almost growing. There are a lot of people out and about, no doubt because of the weather . We have had atleast 6 days in a row of bright sunshine, blue skies and perfect temperatures. And people are shopping. I love it!

I want to share my spring like feelings and all the new things going on at three.home right now.

We have a few of our favorite local jewelry designers who have dropped off some new, fabulous work; STONZ (she is making awesome HEARTs with her stones and beach glass), Deborah Woolfork (as always unbelievably unique semi precious gems hanging from the best of asymmetry), and ButtonDown Designs (the ever funky antique button bracelets complete with a charming tale of their origin).

In addition we are introducing an up and coming new jewelry designer; Kris VanderPeet. In combining little treasures and interesting chains, Kris designs both chunky and delicate styles, using various metals and leather in the most unpredictable way. Each piece is more crazy spectacular than the last. I want everything. Her pieces are completely ahead of the trend curve and I am predicting she will be out there in the big girl world very soon. So we should buy all that we can before she hits the Oprah train.

The popularity of ANTSY PANTSY's hand dyed vintage slips and T 's has given us @ three.home the initiative to add more specialty clothing; nothing over the top in terms of cost or style and fit, but definately one of a kind. We will have some recycled skirts, T's and scarves. And a few pretty special Parisian made camisoles, scarves, and cuffs! OOOhh what is a cuff you ask??? Well you will have to come in and see when we get all the new merchandise

Thursday, June 4, 2009

losing perspective on perspective

Everything in life really is about perspective, isn't it?

" seen at a particular time and from a fixed position..."

And don't I always lose perspective in the height of a moment?

From where I am standing when I experience something, it always looks a certain way to me at that moment. Later on, and or to someone else looking at it, the same picture might look like something totally different. I think this is so important to remember all day long, in good times, but also when things aren't going so well.

If everyone could consider that someone else has a different perspective of the same thing I think it would make the world a better place. It would certainly slow our fast-paced lives down a bit. Our minds would open immediately and we would stop and think. Stubborness would be no more. Oh, how idealistic of me. Well I had to put it out there.

Ponder the opposite for a moment; I am in a coffee shop and am talking on my cell phone for example. I think the person on the other end of the line can't hear me very well so I am talking loud - really loud. Everyone around can hear me. If I only think of my perspective here, I would be thinking that the other people around me would want to experience my phone conversation (or not care either way). Most likely this would not be the case. More likely, the people around would be thinking that the person speaking very loud in a public place and is negatively effecting their experience at the coffee shop.

Ok, that was a major digression, but I think I got my point out there. Always consider other possibilities, but mostly when you are sure you are right about something.

Back to perspective and interior design; I like to use 2 examples of this perspective theory of mine in terms of design and interiors.

I am often asked if a dark color (paint) will make a room look smaller. Dark paint, one of my favorite design ideas, never gets old - dark ceilings included. Obviously it depends on the room, so don't rush to do this tomorrow. My perspective is that light rooms feel airy, crisp sometimes, and bright. A dark room, ceiling included or not, from my perspective, is cozy and warm. Does this dark room feel smaller? Possibly, depending on your perspective. Depending on how many rooms you have seen painted in a dark color, were they big rooms or very small rooms? Was there a lot of natural light or none? Suppose we were not pre-programmed to think that "dark" helps to make things appear smaller. Then the smallness in a room painted a dark color may not be so recognized. PERSPECTIVE.

Consider us body-conscious girls. Didn't we learn early in our years that black makes certain body parts look smaller? You are probably saying to yourself "of course my butt isn't actually smaller..." The room (and my butt) doesn't just magically get smaller - I wish. But couldn't my butt look good in other colors? Or only in black?
The other example to help explain my theory on perspective is much more simple. The blue sky. People often say "I want such and such blue, like the sky". Well not only is the sky different colors of blue day in and day out, but how one person sees sky blue compared to how another person sees that same sky blue is different. I guess I would also throw in the word interpretation at this point.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the power of a smile

The unfortunate trend of underestimating the power of a smile, face to face, is nudging us not so slowly towards the end of human interaction.

I think by now we all have sufficiently experienced the "small-world-ness" that the technology age has afforded us. I find people I haven't been in touch with for 30 years. I ask questions, get answers, and find out random information about any subject in a matter of minutes. I play music from something that fits inside my mouth! Amazing as all this progress is, it is also paralyzing the fundamentals of human nature.

Some years ago when my husband first got his Blackberry, he might have been one of the first addicts. I had put it in the silverware drawer in hopes of having his attention for 10 uninterrupted minutes. When there was this obnoxious rattling coming from somewhere near where we were standing, I knew it was going to be a long battle.

While more and more people have Blackberrys; controversy, discussions, public forums, articles, and statistics clearly outline the deterioration of public conduct.

A couple of weeks ago I shamefully became, yet again, another targeted consumer. I was totally sucked into the 'buy 1 Blackberry and get the 2nd one free' campaign. And if that isn't bad enough, the free one went to my 15 year old daughter.

Of course my BB practices will be...aahhhhh NO! I won't even say it. I will not be any better than any other technophile. It's been two weeks, max, and I am so bad. Rude social conduct; from corresponding or searching while someone is talking to me to figuring out any number of "how tos" at a stop light. Yes, definitely shameful.

However, I do have the learning curve in my favor. I am aware of my habits, which does count for something, right? And I am committed to practicing Blackberry etiquette everyday (formerly known as humanity and random acts of kindness).

This brings me to the point of this blog (BTW I realize none of this has anything to do with my business of interior design or three.home). It is really challenging not to explore, play, correspond, zone out, or multi-task when in possession of one of these little, mobile, limitless creations. However, not all exploring, playing, corresponding, zoned-out Blackberry owners intend to disrespect, ignore, or annoy the person with whom they are face to face.

That being said, with my most sincere apologies to all who have experienced this bad behavior in my company, and to all those who undoubtedly will, I am committed to the weighty task of keeping my behavior in check and resisting (mostly) the temptation and the ever captivating lore of my new toy. A new toy that just happens to connect us to the future (and our children).

Monday, April 13, 2009

our earth

With everyone doing a little bit to help the earth, and some people doing a lot, it is so appalling when I see the blatant tossing of trash out of a car window, or an engine running in part for an extended amount of time.

ON MY WALK THRU THE PARK THE OTHER DAY I SAW A WALMART RECEIPT ON THE GROUND. I was shocked. Partially because I don't find a lot of trash in our parks system. But also, because I think most everyone has accepted littering as a sin of sorts. I am sure this receipt accidentaly fell out of someone's pocket rather than the alternative.

After I saw the receipt I started thinking about all the receipts and to-do notes I am always accumulating, trying not to loose. And that led to thinking about the endless supply of paper I write these notes on.

All of this mindless thought and worry made me think of the whole recycle, sustainable, green movement that is happening all around us. We are at the point on this earth that if we don't change the way we live with regards to living 'lighter', there won't be much earth to live on. However, we didn't always think and/or worry about the air around us, the water in our rivers, or the soil.

But then I remembered this cute grocery list 'kit' I have at the shop. I don't know the exact date - 50's or 60's I am guessing.

All of the sudden this random thinking had a purpose - sort of.

'Back in the day' (whenever that was), people didn't think about the earth and how they lived on it or abused it. They didn't look at what they could do now to save the earth later. And yet there was something like this gem. How much more 'green' can you get than a grocery list you can use over and over again? How conscientious, and they didn't even realize it.

Next thought... SWAPPING home accessories. Kind of like a civilized flea market or something like that. I read about a clothing swap party. It sounded like a great idea in terms of recycling cute things around your home that you have grown out of, and a way to get something new without spending alot of money. You know the old adage; one person's trash is another person's treasure.

I have proven that many times over. I recently found these great iron scroll-y benches at the 'collection' area near where I live. We take our trash there when we have more than what fits into our toters. These benches are light green and the seat is wood. They are a little beat up, but that works. I don't have to worry about leaving them outside all winter. They are sturdy and a great color in my backyard.

Maybe I will plan an event around the idea of bringing in any home furnishing that you are ready to pass on, and have great discussions, libations, some laughs, and the opportunity to come home with something new to put on a bookshelf or table.

Input from my followers or anyone else is always welcome.