Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cool things and creativity

It has been awhile since my last post...gosh that kind of sounds like confession, how does it start; sorry readers for I have sinned, it has been 3 weeks since...Well hopefully its worth the wait.

I have been meaning to start posting something like design tips on a regular basis. Not the average, and not the most obvious tips. More unexpected ideas with lots of visuals. So be patient while I venture into more of the unknown.

MULTIPLES are eye candy for me, strong in their presentation as a display or arrangement. When I look at a grouping of multiples or a big pile, I read color first, even if its all natural or whites, and then the lines and other details of each object become clear. Finally the arrangement in its entirety surfaces for me. I love multiples.

You can always fill a shelf, a small perch or a chair with a collection of something. It represents something you like, or a place where you have been, or just fills a space. You can use just about anything. My mom has a pretty bowl on her window sill filled with taper candles that are all but burned down to a stub. All different earth tones, and very 'country'. A bit odd, but it proves my point that a grouping can be just about anything when you do all the same things.

These are so cooky; promo whistles from the 60's maybe, a guy running for some office in Chicago.

The dolls are a little creepy, and the whistles are a little goofy.

A collection of pottery flower frogs, probably 15-20 different sizes and colors but all pottery. Some of the frogs are grouped together and some are (individually) with other objects of the same or similar color. These 5 are almost all the same color. This unifies them as a grouping and helps to relate them to the things around them. The purple-pink one sets off the grouping enough, imperfect or unexpected. I hung them to allow for more flat surface area. Also you can kind of see there is something like wainscotting right under, which reinforces their linear application.

I have been a bit stir crazy waiting for Spring so I find myself creating stuff. I am starting and finishing all kind of projects with materials ranging from yarn to paper and punches, modge podge, oil crayons. Some of my finished or semi finished work include a handmade book, decopage walls, fabric scrap curtains, mini chandeliers made with tiny glass bottles instead of crystals. You name it. I have some at the shop and some at home. Some days I feel a bit spread out, but after a little bit of time focusing on one project, I am engaged in the activity yet again. I do think 'art therapy' is one of the best ways to relax, practice mindfullness, spend time with something not so positive but needs some attention.

Most of the time I am easily inspired by things around me. I recently revisited MARIMEKKO on line. Wow! Their new collection is fabulous. The pattern Purnukka is too cool, every color way. And the wine goblets! Kippis. Very Dansk- 70's. Brings back memories of my mom's collection of goblets that were ceramic rather than glass, all different but sharing one common element. Both of these prints convey my theory about multiples. And inspire me so intensly because of the use of color, the richness, and the blending of whimsy with art.

Another inspiration, an artist I recently discovered - Beatriz Milhazes. I was looking for something most likely unrelated to art and stumbled across her work. I love that she uses so much color, but also the range of color. Many of her pieces are bright and bold, the overall feeling is a comfortable balance of sophistication with a little bit of whimsy in my opinion. They look like paintings, but some actually are collage like. She did this fantastic installation in a Tube station in London. Unbelievable!

Monday, February 16, 2009

sun press

On another note I wanted to let everyone know that I am featured in last week's Sun Press newspaper. The article is in the Life Section and I am on the cover! Lucky me - free publicity. I hate having my photo taken, but anything to help get the word out about three.home. However, I am pleased with the text, regardless of how I look. Joan Cooper Rusek asked some good questions and listened well. I think the basics were covered as far as what three.home is all about.

Hopefully this will bring people in to shop!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

dog days

So I probably haven't mentioned a friend of mine who happens to be a dog trainer, and that she uses my shop as part of training for socializing the dog. There are days when she brings in 2-4 dogs a day. Her training program usually starts with a 4 hour session. Just the other day as I was becoming more exhausted just watching her with yet another dog - in the car out of the car, in my shop out of my shop, in yet another get the idea - I said to her that this routine of hers is like speed dating. Instead of having different dates come to your table, talk about themselves for a couple of minutes and then move on to the next table, every couple hours a different dog comes into the shop, they do their loop through the shop, stop at the till for some chatting, possibly a test or two for jumping or whining, then a little human socializing between Michelle and I then out again. All this sometimes 4 times a day. Of course I have to comment on each dog and its name, their behavior issues, how they are doing on that given day, etc. It is actually pretty funny.

Last week she walks in with this little red teacup poodle... My dream date? Oh, I mean dream dog? ooooooo so cute, but does he come from a good family?

Actually Michelle was doing a breeder friend a favor and trying to sell the pup - there were 2. Due to the fact that Michelle is such a good sales person, as well as dog trainer, and a little due to her southern charm, she sold these cutie pies in a matter of hours for a mere $1100. Of course they come with all the papers etc. (not my gig).

Back in the summer there was Lucy . So big, so cute, so much slobber.

I bring this random-ness up because there are days where seeing Michelle and whatever friend/client she has brightens my day so much. And lately with business as slow as it is, I need the brightness. xxx

I should tell you that Michelle and I met when I chased her down on the sidewalks of Chagrin Falls last spring. In a panic because my new puppy 'Garcia' had somehow lost all of his manners that he so cleverly demonstrated when we interviewed him for our familiy dog, he was all but running the house. Not only did she train Garcia - to the point that when he sees her driving up the street he literally sits promptly at attention and waits for her to park, get out and give him love - but she also trained our newest addition. We got E.Z. on Fathers day this past summer. E.Z. - everything entirely a different story, another blog. But as promised Michelle got her to behave somewhat normally - at least for a hound/beagle mix.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Antsy Pantsy Delivery Day

Happy Friday. Happy Sunshine.

I mentioned in my last blog that I would be introducing something new in the shop. I have been looking forward to this all week. Today is the day! I am witnessing 2 incredibly beautiful, creative women, Cynthia Phelps and Donna Morrow-Alusheff, immersed in one of their personal passions: retooled, recycled, one-of-a-kind clothing.

They have carefully {re} designed miscellaneous garments that were previously something else into unique 'treasures' to wear! There are so many wonderful pieces I can't begin to tell you about all of them. But think of pieces you have seen in NYC or Europe perhaps, or in magazines, on models and stars who we covet - slip-dresses, t's, scarves, workshirts!, jeans. You have to come into three.home and see their creations. We are attempting to find the best place in the shop to display them, and it has been so fun. I love their energy and I think having yet another special something in the shop that no one else has is such a coup in terms of retail - at least in my world. Anyone who has been to three.home knows one of the most important goals for us is to find and sell the odd stuff that has never been seen before, or at least not often - stuff that you don't even know you want until you see it here and then can't stop thinking about it. First home accessories and now clothing.

I cannot wait to comb through every single piece and examine all the clever details. I have this very funky brown & cream, vintage checked dress that is a tiny bit too short for me and I have been searching for the right thing to wear with it. Leggings and boots are not enough. Although my 14-year-old was encouraging me to 'go for it'. I explained to her how delicate the fashion version of 'going for it' becomes as we get more mature. In any case, I know one of these pieces by ANTSY PANTSY will be perfect with it. I will have more pictures when everything is in place.

On another note, I finally visited a blog and website belonging to someone you may already know - Danielle DeBoe of Room Service: Her stuff is great. We have very similar tastes. Lucky for all who live nearer to Gordon Square (65th and Detroit). This is a new area in Cleveland and gaining its celebrity. I haven't visited her shop yet, but I am sure it will be a great experience. Danielle's blog was very entertaining. As I am getting more and more comfortable with the 'blog world' I will be creating a list of 'links' or favorites. She will definitely be on it. In the meantime, check it out.
Thanks for reading.