Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remembering the last time I went on and on about something that I thought was the end all, and then luckily recognizing how easy it could have been to sound ridiculous and over dramatic. We have all heard or overheard someone like this, right? I was able to mix in a llittle reality, and thought about the last time I was on the receiving end of someone's hyper-magnified and subjective perception of a topic. Anyway...

This topic came to mind b/c I start to get excited about all the new stuff I have at the shop, like the recycled and up-cycled shirts, skirts and scarves, and before I know it, I am in the middle of this spewing fest. So ever so calmly, but with lots of passion and excitement three.home is launching a few really crazy cool lines of clothing, easy to wear, and NOTHING you have ever seen before.

and of course....
ANTSY PANTSY-hand dyed vintage slips
and some of the local jewelers threehome is hosting; BLAKEMOR and STONZ

stop in sometime and check out these treasures and many more!

it almost feels like spring; everything is moving, almost growing. There are a lot of people out and about, no doubt because of the weather . We have had atleast 6 days in a row of bright sunshine, blue skies and perfect temperatures. And people are shopping. I love it!

I want to share my spring like feelings and all the new things going on at three.home right now.

We have a few of our favorite local jewelry designers who have dropped off some new, fabulous work; STONZ (she is making awesome HEARTs with her stones and beach glass), Deborah Woolfork (as always unbelievably unique semi precious gems hanging from the best of asymmetry), and ButtonDown Designs (the ever funky antique button bracelets complete with a charming tale of their origin).

In addition we are introducing an up and coming new jewelry designer; Kris VanderPeet. In combining little treasures and interesting chains, Kris designs both chunky and delicate styles, using various metals and leather in the most unpredictable way. Each piece is more crazy spectacular than the last. I want everything. Her pieces are completely ahead of the trend curve and I am predicting she will be out there in the big girl world very soon. So we should buy all that we can before she hits the Oprah train.

The popularity of ANTSY PANTSY's hand dyed vintage slips and T 's has given us @ three.home the initiative to add more specialty clothing; nothing over the top in terms of cost or style and fit, but definately one of a kind. We will have some recycled skirts, T's and scarves. And a few pretty special Parisian made camisoles, scarves, and cuffs! OOOhh what is a cuff you ask??? Well you will have to come in and see when we get all the new merchandise